Usman Awang

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Mother's Grave

We went to mother's grave
on a quiet sunlit morning
the fragrant lovely frangipani blossoms
welcomed us on mother's behalf
We stood beside the silent grave
the wild grass had grown tall
the two wood marking on the grave
lay dead, rotted by the soil

In recollection we saw again
the tender love in her eyes
and how she lay in her last slumber
her hands stiffly clasped

Those lips, pure and weary
once used to caress my brow
even now I feel their tenderness,
though far away beneath the soil

We erected tombstones for her
cleared the tall wild grass
then we said a simple prayer
and sprinkled rose-water on her grave

The smiling frangipani bid us farewell
as we left the grave to its silence
may there be peace upon her soul
a poor mortal coming before Allah

Whatever we may do to serve her
could never repay her gift of birth
and her boundless mother's love
the pure peak of human nobility.

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